1964d Kennedy Half Dollar D/D? Triple Die and bent rim

Discussion in 'What's it Worth' started by Teresa Scobee, May 17, 2018.

  1. Teresa Scobee

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    Hi all, I've been storing coins for several years but am new to collecting, meaning I don't really know about a lot about double die, clipped, greased errors etc or values, except what I've found on Google. I have a few of these 1964 half dollars and under magnifying glass I can see the "In God We Trust" has some doubling or tripling? Not sure what is the difference. This coin also has a bent rim (if that's what you call it) on the obverse and reverse (I recently learned these terms lol). Would it be worth sending these away to get graded? Why do people even send coins to be graded. Or should I just go to the local coin shop and let them have a look? Any ideas? Thanks :)

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  3. paddyman98

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    Hello Teresa
    First your title.. when asking if it is D/D in numismatic terms that means a D over D Mint Mark. When asking if it's a Doubled Die you need to use DDO or DDR which means Doubled Die Obverse and Doubled Die Reverse

    Second. The correct Numismatic Terminology is Doubled Die.. not double die

    Welcome to CoinTalk.. I hope you get your Kennedy Half questions answered.

    Peace :angelic:
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  4. BooksB4Coins

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    Doubled is doubled and tripled is tripled. It sounds obvious and is, but is there is much in this hobby that doesn't make a lot of sense, so dont feel bad.

    There certainly are tripled Kennedy halves, but the dates escape me. Perhaps it would be best to try to post a clear closeup of the area in question and go from there.

    The "bent rim" appears to be nothing more than a rim ding and is considered damage, unfortunately.

    As for getting coins graded, doing so MUST add something of value to the coin, be it independently verified authenticity, increased liquidity and everything in between. If doing so will not add such value equal to or greater than the cost, it simply isn't a wise candidate and is likely the case with yours.

    And welcome to the forum. :)
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