1964 penny compared to Wexlers

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    1964 1¢ WDDO-038

    Description: A close Class V CCW spread shows on the 64.

    Die Markers: Obverse: Parallell die scratches run from NW to SE through the RT in LIBERTY. A die scratch rurns from SSW to NNE to the right of the throat and chin. Reverse: A light die scratch runs WNW from the top left of the T in CENT.

    The above is copied from Wexlers. I find it just plain fun looking at all the little details and markers. Its like the "wheres Waldo" of pennies and coins. I am finding this hobby to be more and more addicting. Its more about the hunt for me and I dont much think about finding some auction worthy mega coin. I don't necessarily have high hopes that this ugly 1964 is the -038 but its more about the process of the research at this point in my beginnings. I know my pics could be better...my crappy little scope works just fine but the batteries are almost dead and without the light its hard to get a good picture to focus. I know the coin is weird and "2 toned" and dont know what kind of abuse caused it but I dont care anyway. It could be a super ugly coin but if its a true listed variety, that would be cool. If I keep hunting, I will find one.

    1964 1.jpg 1964 2.jpg 1964 3.jpg 1964 5.jpg 1964 6.jpg 1964 7.jpg 1964 8.jpg 1964 9.jpg 1964 10.jpg 1964.jpg
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