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  1. redcent230

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    What is Accented Hair mean ? I have seen a few of them and still don't know what it mean by that term. Is it better detail or what ??? How does it get Accented Hair just for 1964 ? And why not for other Kennedy dates ? Please expain.
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  3. paddyman98

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    This makes me think of when these were discovered. Many folks were having a great time trying to cherrypick them on Ebay and out of dealers stock. The images at that time were not all that good so it made it tough to be sure it was the variety.

    It was really cool to find a DCAM. Many of the questionable grading services didn't spot them and show it on the slab. These were easy to cherrypick because many collectors would not even look at coins in those holders. It was a fun time.

    You could even buy reproduction envelopes for the 64 proof set. They were used to make people think they were buying unsearched sets.

    Thanks paddyman for posting that link. I think the guy that created that site was like the king on the topic.
  6. Dougmeister

    Dougmeister Well-Known Member

    When were these discovered? Soon after 1964?
  7. KurtS

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    I remember a couple years back I had some real sealed unsearched proof sets I sold on here I think was rickmp got an accented hair out of them I never heard of it cause I'm mostly a pre 1900 guy
  10. 19Lyds

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    The Accented Hair Kennedy Variety is the perfect coin for folks to actually look at a coin and SEE some differences that normal eyes are immune from seeing.

    Subtle difference in the hair and the lines which make up the hair is as bold as the nose on your face once you actually "See" them.

    Thankfully Russ and others have put together some nice photographs specifically detailing the differences.

    HOWEVER, pay little attention to the "Reverse" as a validation point since that reverse exists on non-Accented Hair Obverses as well as several difference 1964-D Coins.

    The Accented Hair Kennedy comes in nbo less than 11 different dies of which 10 of those are significant enough of a doubled die to be listed in CONECA's files.

    There could be more.
  11. Ethan

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    Mine is in my Avatar...best find in wild for me...I think it CAMs. 64AH_007.jpg
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  12. Kevinfred

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    Definitely one of my favorite coins.. I bought one in a mint set a while back and it's been *very* tempting to send to PCGS - it looks pretty nice...
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