1964/66 Transactional Reverse Silver Quarter (6.3 Grams)

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Raykoon, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. Kasia

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    I was wrong. This is not simple nonsense. It is total absurdity.
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  3. Heavymetal

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    The Tavern Arm?
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  4. frankjg

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  5. Raykoon

    Raykoon Member

    That quarter would be any coin collector’s dream find. That coin, however, was only one coin creators dream. To create a 1964 PROTEST PEACE QUARTER DOLLAR. A plan put into action while alive, but to materialize after death.


    The quarter’s value is what it represents historically to America. Where the creator’s heart was at. To risk life and limb to create what he truly believed was the right thing to do.

    If you make every coin in America. Could you create a valuable coin? Could you create a magical coin?

    The magic to the coin is the simple fact that this mint vault quarter’s existence was notified to the mint prior to the coin collecting community. Catch Me If You Can. Guys review the news articles that suddenly point back to this time period.

    This was the magical method to expose the Deep Cameo. Not simply the message on the coin. But, to see the exposure play out in live action.



    Whether the quarter is found is magical. Control fail for the quarter was to document pictures and mathematics so that there was a back up plan.

  6. Raykoon

    Raykoon Member

    PLEASE READ DR. Richard S. Appels 4 part series on the history of this quarter and the potentially missed significance.

    I am only part of this process because GOD made me a super weirdo. I can look on the back of a quarter and perform the mathematical combinations all in my head. This quarter turned me into smeegle from Lord of the Rings. When I was done with the calculations, I couldn’t believe it. I personally wept for an entire day. Because somehow GOD allowed me to be a part of this process. The actual quarter is cool, but the personal value to me is the fact that I performed the calculations in my head. There are some things worth more than money. Than I gave the quarter back to be released. My name is seriously Daniel, a simple boy from Lousy-Anna. To open the last seal on this quarter made me believe in a way greater conspiracy than JFK.

    This coin is the one coin to rule them all. Be careful, this quarter has an effect on the psyche.
  7. -jeffB

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    I don't think the quarter's to blame here.
  8. PlanoSteve

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    I'm telling you, the quarter is at the bottom of the ship channel about 500 yds from the end of the Port Aransas jetty! WHY won't you LISTEN to me?
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  9. Raykoon

    Raykoon Member

    I want y’all to find this quarter more than you can imagine. I have “dumbed it down” as well as I could. Please notice that the type B lead touching the “A” can only has one of the 3 choices. It doesn’t matter what choice the remaining 2 are, as long as they are one of the type A or C. That is all it takes to know that you have a quarter with a different type than published.

    The longer this quarter takes to find the greater the possibility that I die. Than simply the pictures and math is all that is left. A mathematician would easily calculate what I just told y’all. If you know a mathematical kid in your household he could probable get you started on understanding.
  10. Nyatii

    Nyatii I like running w/scissors. Makes me feel dangerous

    I think I'm going back to the dark side and common sense.
  11. ldhair

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    You should run from this thread. I may join you.
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  12. Michael K

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  13. PlanoSteve

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    That's not sayin' much, because we aren't imagining much!
  14. Michael K

    Michael K Well-Known Member

    I assume the title is intended to say "transitional" and not "transactional". (Which isn't a word.) But I will admit I have skimmed this garbage and haven't read it all.
    I'd weigh my 64 quarters (just for laughs) but my scale only goes to tenths. And most of them are probably "D" coins anyway.
  15. coin roll

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    I think the mother ship just left.
  16. MrMez

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    I find it easier to convert grams to grains. Approximately 15.4 grains to 1 gram.
  17. John Burgess

    John Burgess Well-Known Member

    I found the quarter.


    This guy had it in his pocket, he was last seen with the Loch Ness Monster, who was asking to borrow, as he said it,"Tree Fiddy".

    BOLO: tall dark and handsome person in the woods with unusually large footprints and a lot of body hair.
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  18. Charlenep

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  19. Charlenep

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  20. PlanoSteve

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    His name is Darryl...:joyful:;)
  21. Charlenep

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    Hi Darryl" mines Charlie. Excuse the errors I was voice messaging my post. I was just trying to add to the fun
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