1964/66 Transactional Reverse Silver Quarter (6.3 Grams)

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  1. Raykoon

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    Coin Community,

    Please review the following pictures of a 1964 Silver Quarter. Any coin collector could easily conclude that the weight is unique. Not every coin collector could easily REALIZE that this is not an ERROR coin. To understand why this quarter is overweight, you must use your imagination and go back to 1964 and become a 10 year old kid. A 10 year old kid would come across a quarter with ink and immediately wonder what was underneath.

    Fast forward until today and the golden rule of coin collecting is "never clean a coin". Why did a ten year old kid not look underneath the "mirror" die or "deep cameo" die? What does the "proofing" die PROVE? Why did an adult not ask himself why the mint
    even had a "mirror" die?

    The Father must have programmed the Son. But, who programmed the Father?

    The Mint Engraver is an artist that is a master of light, shadows, angles and messages on an infinitesimally small point of a coin. The coolest effect that an Engraver could create is a layering of stamps and dies. That when rubbed off reveal a hidden message. At the correct angle the peeling of the layers is like watching a cartoon.

    In 2014, to correspond with the 50 year anniversary of the JFK assassination, the pictured quarter was left in Dallas. Exactly where this quarter is today is unknown. This information was decided to be passed on to the public to ensure the recovery and preservation.

    Technical specifications will be provided on future posts. Please pass this information to anyone and everyone. Look for a 1964 Silver Quarter that weighs over 6.25 grams.

    Future posts will include technical specifications of this quarter. This quarter was a 1964 protest PEACE . Collusion is required to commit TRUTH. TRUTH Triangle:


    FAKE news began in 2016 regarding a 1970/41 quarter stamped on a Canadian coin. That quarter does not exist and CBS, USA Today, and SNOPES knows that. The 1941 wing was used on this quarter as the first stamp. The lighter Canadian
    Coin was used as an extra layer of ink. This is the 1966 proofing quarter, minted in 1966 and backdated to 1964. The quarter mathematically deduces to the 1968 DC Proof. This will all make since on future posts.

    Washington DC is Deep Cameo..........

    Note that if you turn this coin into PCGS you will get a certified coin, but not this same coin returned.

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  3. eric6794

    eric6794 Well-Known Member

    so your saying pcgs stole your coin that weighed 6.29 grams?
  4. Raykoon

    Raykoon Member

    I do not have the coin. The weight of the coin is accurate. I am just providing the information so that the quarter will be found. As I mentioned I will provide technical specs soon. Including what the 3 main variables of "ES", "Backward Arrow of Time", and "A" represent. Any logical person could review Type A-C for these variables and notice that there is a disordering of the Engraving process and Stamping process. An engraver would never release an aesthetically corrected coin with the previous imperfection on the coin. If it not for a riddle.

    More details to come.
  5. eric6794

    eric6794 Well-Known Member

    Well i'll be waiting to see your details to come :eek:
  6. Raykoon

    Raykoon Member

    Typing them up. Please pass this information along. The probability of this quarter being lost to history is high. The message on this quarter is a true American Treasure. This will be understood soon. I need to review the notes that were passed down to me. I am not a coin collector and the jargon is confusing.
  7. eric6794

    eric6794 Well-Known Member

    I think I get what you are saying. You are a conspiracy theorist. I'll just take my leave on that. Good luck.
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  8. ldhair

    ldhair Clean Supporter

    This same guy was here a while back using a different user name. There are rules about this. Same false information.
    Yes, you are confused.
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  9. Raykoon

    Raykoon Member

    No, I never had the coin. I am just passing along pictures and information.
  10. Raykoon

    Raykoon Member

    It’s not a conspiracy. You just would have to review the history and know the period. There are 8 types A-H. That’s 8 types. It’s 3 versions of 3 years, meaning 9 types. There is 1 type missing. I am a mathematician so I am trying to type of the mathematical proof to connect to the DC proof. Just give me a second and no I have never been on this forum.
  11. ldhair

    ldhair Clean Supporter

    The information is false. Are you saying that you were not here a while back telling the same story?
  12. Raykoon

    Raykoon Member

    Ok bear with me as I type up sections of the math. Mathematically this coin has an alpha/omega effect by including a blend of types a-c.

    “ES” = Type A (1964)
    “ARROW” = Type C (1966)
    “A” = Type B (Proof)

    This combination should be the referenced 1964 clad, 1966 backdated to 1964, 1966 Proofing Quarter all referenced by the Mint Engraver. This should all be proofed simply by the weight of the quarter being 6.3 grams.

    No 1964 quarter is 6.3 and only a 1966 proofing quarter is 6.3 grams.

    The remaining attributes should be a combination of a binary combination of type E and type H. This is a 3 series with the inverse properties of ending type E and beginning type H. Heartland coin club has the best compilation of reverse attributes I could find. They also color coded the attributes in their binary form. If the 2 types share attributes they should agree. If they don’t than they should be polar opposites in the series. Only one should attribute should be 2-3 in the series. This is the proofing point which is the left wing tip. Look at the picture of type H and the left wing tip. This unique combination should exactly agree to the Proof DC besides the left wing tip.

    Does any of this make since? Like I said coins is not something I know. I am just tasked with the math proof and pictures.
  13. Raykoon

    Raykoon Member

    The left wing tip on the coin should look really short until the proofing die and mirror die are removed. Revealing a longer wing tip than the proofing dc. If you look at the reverse of the coin I sent. This longer left wing tip should be the 1941 wing added. The obverse should also be 1941, which has an error with the designers initials in the color.

    This 1941 combination is the 1970/1941 error coin combination stamped on a Canadian coin as a clue. There should also be many 1966 errors where the eagle is rotating counter clockwise. Those error coins were the repeated attempts to create this 1964 quarter.
  14. Raykoon

    Raykoon Member

    The inverse combination is what the engraver meant by REVERSE TRANSITIONAL. The arrows were meant to give you a clue to rotate the eagle counter clock wise. Reversing 1966 to dated 1964. Think about it. You can date a quarter as 1964 and be an error, but if it’s not an error than it has more than one coins properties in the math. This double math was meant to be a math proof going forward of the error coins. Guys it’s the US mint. They track 22 trillion of debt by 10k transactions. They are not error coins. The US govt tracks the errors as their errors, not china’s Error coins. Hoover convinced everybody not to rub off the die because he was onto Gasparro. Think about it, why was the a-c released misordered. Mirror dies?

    Hoover was naturally suspicious. Gasparro has to create a reverse math because this math string tracks errors. Did he leave a message. Supposedly this coin is the message. That’s why it was a delayed release and meant for someone to find.
  15. Raykoon

    Raykoon Member

    The error coins were meant to have links to other coins and proofing coins as the open “secret” game between the US Mint and coin collectors. Unfortunately nobody rubbed off the ink and played that part of the game.
  16. Raykoon

    Raykoon Member

    THE 64-66 series should have 9 types. All coins work on algebra. Algebra is a control system. If there are three primary types A-C over 3 years there has to be 9 types mathematically to close the books. The whole accounting system is one long algebra system. If your missing a type somebody should figure out what that type is. Because it’s necessary to define unless the US Mint wants to leave that open variable to fill in. Think about it guys. Yes I may not know coin collecting but there is an obvious math hole that someone should have recognized. Not to mention a 10 year old kid could realize that the ink is not the value.

  17. Raykoon

    Raykoon Member

    THIS QUARTER SHOULD HAVE 5 STAMPS IN REVERSE ORDER. 1941 first stamp, than 1968 dc, 1966, than 1964. This is why the coin is a mint coin on a new math strong. The minting process has final 3 steps of the double die obverse + proof + mint collectible + the last variable which is kept secret and that coin is stored in their vault. This coin has 5 because it begins a new math string to proof out error coins. Make sure they are not error coins. The 1941 date was chosen so that they could go back in time and mathematically include all coins up to that point. In other words mathematically have every possible combination so that they would know if there was an error coin that was not theirs. If China created an error coin with properties pre 1964 this would be an issue if you didn’t have the exact combination that included all the variations up to 1964.

    The 1941 addition is not an accident. It was meant to create the control system for error coins.

    This is all I got unless anyone has questions
  18. Raykoon

    Raykoon Member

    Sorry I forgot the 5th variable which was the 1964 double die obverse. That makes 5:

    1968 dc
    1964 DD Obverse
  19. cpm9ball

    cpm9ball CANNOT RE-MEMBER

    Where are the guards from St. Elizabeth's when we need them?

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  20. Raykoon

    Raykoon Member

    Does any of that information make sense? I don’t know the coin community lingo. I could try to explain it differently.
  21. Raykoon

    Raykoon Member

    I was told the 1964 date with a weight over 6.25 grams would be enough to begin the conversation. This over weight was the PCGS proof for other transitional coins. I guess I could identify what those coins were.
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