1963 D DDO FS-101 Pickup!

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by CaptainMac, May 18, 2022.

  1. CaptainMac

    CaptainMac Gotta Love Those Errors!

    It must be my week for finding good deals on varieties as I've always wanted to add/find for the collection!

    Recently picked up this 1963 D DDO FS-101 Lincoln cent in beautiful shape, and again, for a great price! Main doubling with this coin is the extra 3 under the initial 3 in the date. The pictures are a little blurry here, but I think it's still pretty clear. I'm not completely sure on which die state this one is, as the second 3's tail can still be seen faintly, but I'm leaning towards LDS.

    IMG_8152.jpg IMG_8146.jpg IMG_8149.jpg IMG_8150.jpg
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  3. Inspector43

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    Very Nice
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