1960d/d small date over large dates one cent found

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by User12345666, Dec 8, 2019.

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    IMG_20191208_003821192.jpg IMG_20191208_003842899.jpg IMG_20191208_003933187.jpg IMG_20191208_003957766.jpg IMG_20191208_004012131.jpg IMG_20191208_004027493.jpg IMG_20191208_003803397_HDR.jpg Hello recently i came across 3 1960d over d small date over large date ms top condition and just wanted to share them with you guys and see maybe what you think they may be worth and maybe what top Ms condition might go before.I've doing a lot of research and see that there are records that show ms-66 went for $4,000 and 2008. I'm no expert but the coins that I have I've compared to many top ms samples found and mine appears to be nicer with that being said what do you guys think? Looking " observe" top of coin, there are scratches. All 8 coins found have these scratches. What is the cause of this ? Will these affect the grading condition? Also some of the graded slabbed pcgs Ms coins have these scratches. 8 coins found recenlty, 3 I own 5 are my friends. One more thing the coins pictured is not the top Ms I speak of just the only one I have on hand. I will download the Other coins pictures tomorrow Thank you
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  5. Kevin Mader

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    Those marks were in the die and transferred to your coin (a useful diagnostic); just as the DDO and the RPM. As for value, you can use the records to get an idea but with a small sample, it may not be a very good estimate. It may be that there was one collector who had to have it, so they paid an inflated price. Here is a link with suggested values: http://www.coppercoins.com/lincoln/diestate.php?date=1960&die_id=1960d1do001&die_state=mds

    Fun find!!
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  6. giorgio11

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    Those marks, if they are raised as they appear to be, are die polishing lines. Polishing of the dies can cause hairlines in the dies (lowered into the die surface) which strike onto the coin as raised die polishing marks. This is the opposite of a cleaned coin which will show hairlines lowered into the coin surface.

    Die polishing marks typically do not lower the value of a coin as they can be testament to a coin's originality, although not every collector may favor the look they impart. Cool finds!

    PS You can also find (occasionally) proof examples of both the 1960 DDO Lg/Sm Date and the Sm/Lg Date. I recently sold examples of both through our eBay store. I believe your coins would be around MS64. They are nowhere close to MS66-67. Here are CoinFacts prices:


    Kind regards,

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  10. Rick Stachowski

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  11. MatrixMP-9

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    where did you find these?
  12. Michael K

    Michael K Well-Known Member

    The first coin is in an album,
    and then the second coin is in a blurry 2x2 flip.
    Is it the same coin? Are there 2 coins?
    Is the good photo in post #2 the coin from the blurry photo?
  13. User12345666

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    Other coins not posted. Yet. Found in opened rolls 1960 d.
  14. User12345666

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  15. User12345666

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    All pictures are of one coin. I added second pictures because I had to log on to my computer to use the scope.
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  16. Michael K

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    OK, I didn't know how many coins.
    You bought rolls of 1960-D and found this?
    Very exciting.
  17. User12345666

    User12345666 Active Member

    10 to 15 rolls 1960d searched.few rolls left to search, going back to buy the lot. Very well could be more. My friend found them but I will be buying the rolls left tomorrow.
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