1960 P Large Date Doubled Die Obverse

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by XanthenX, Oct 19, 2021.

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    Recently I discovered that in a 1960-P mint set was a one cent, of the large date persuasion. I was immediately interested while studying the specimen. Starting with some obvious doubling indicated by split serifs in the date.

    (NOTE: Doubling clearly visible on the date - East Northeast on the 0 running around all the way to North Northwest & beginning at the start of the centermost section of the 6)

    It would seem to be otherwise unique when held to a comparison with the varieties documented by the most extensive of available reference databases. I may have missed one somewhere, but that is why I bring it to you all, prior to submitting images to those databases for proper documentation.

    I need to get home and take some better images, but my signal is shoddy out there so its a matter of proper preparation prior to departure so that new images need not be taken. One day I'll get the idea.

    For added clarity this is a 1960 P Large Date, Business Strike specimen found amongst coins in a single 1960 P United States Mint Set. 20211019_200714.jpg 20211019_201625.jpg 20211018_163551.jpg 20211018_163541.jpg 20211018_163527.jpg 20211019_203903.png 20211019_203823.png 20211018_163548.jpg
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    Your pictures are hard to tell but it does look like you might have something,yes get better pictures when you can.
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