1960 Nickel DD/w MD, or major MD?

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Deathstar218, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. Deathstar218

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    Hey everyone, I found this 1960 Nickel, no mint mark if wondering. As all of you know im new and still learning, I've never seen a coin like this before. Im sure many of you have so I wanted to ask what is this coin? Is it Major MD or perhaps a DD that also has MD grouped with it? Every where on this this coin, reverse and obverse has something going on. Either way its a cool coin to look at and photo. Sorry for the photo overload, theres certain spots i believe its DD and others where its MD or DD. Im to new to tell.

    20190112_223057.jpg IMG_20190112_190454.jpg View attachment 875515 20190112_223437.jpg View attachment 875517 20190112_223149.jpg 20190112_223602.jpg 20190112_222544.jpg 20190112_222443.jpg 20190112_222728.jpg Thanks everyone. Appreciate the feedback.

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    How about backing off a bit on the close-ups and give us some nice, clear photos of the entire coin. Thanks!

  4. Deathstar218

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