1960 D Lincoln DDO? RPM? and What in the world is going on with this obverse?

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Tin_Man_0, Jul 12, 2020.

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    1960 D Lincoln DDO? RPM? and What in the world is going on with this obverse?

    WIN_20200625_12_45_38_Pro.jpg WIN_20200712_17_18_34_Pro.jpg WIN_20200712_17_24_04_Pro.jpg WIN_20200712_17_24_38_Pro.jpg WIN_20200712_17_25_29_Pro.jpg WIN_20200712_17_25_45_Pro.jpg WIN_20200712_17_25_51_Pro.jpg WIN_20200712_17_26_14_Pro.jpg WIN_20200712_17_29_51_Pro.jpg
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    Had to split it into two posts. But The reverse lincoln appears to to have two heads, the sides of the memorial are all messed up. The die has been polished by a 5 year old and it appears to have some doubling as well as some die clash that's been attempted to erase like all of it.
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  5. Robert Ransom

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    In a nutshell, ditto. I think @paddyman98 would agree, although, knowing him, he would add something. ;)
  6. rascal

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    This coin looks like it may have come from a counter clashed die with most of the clash marks polished off the die. I think this way because of what looks like part of a extra head. A counter clash could have done this. I bet the die was striking some awesome die clash coins before it was polished off.
  7. paddyman98

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    You forgot 2 important pictures. The full Obverse and full Reverse.
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