1959 Un Peso Class II DDR; Rotated 40° CCW; Approximately 350° circumferential die crack

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Pete Apple, Oct 9, 2019.

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    1959 Un Peso Class II DDR:
    Rotated 40° CCW; Approximately 350° circumferential die crack. Many of the letters in Estados Unidos Mexicanos, on first glance, appear to be the result of a Doubled Die. While the separation lines may be the result of the circumferential die crack along with die deterioration, there is strong evidence (some separation lines are not associated with the crack) in favor of this being a Class II Doubled Die.
    I have just rediscovered this coin in my collection. It has been in my collection since the 1960s when it was given to me by a relative upon returning from a trip to Mexico.
    IMG_6957.1.jpg IMG_6958.1.jpg 1.1.jpg 2.1.jpg 3.1.jpg 4.1.jpg 5.1.jpg 6.1.jpg 7.1.jpg 8.1.jpg I cannot upload any more photos (it is prohibited) to complete the viewing of this coin. Sorry!
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