1959 to 1974 BU Lincoln Cents

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    This is going to read more as a thread in the US coin forum than a sales post. I recently went through over 36 rolls of BU cents from a collection I am selling. I put maybe 15 hours into looking at every cent in the group. I have picked out cents that met a certain criteria I set:
    • No distracting hits
    • No distracting carbon spots
    • Full steps or as close to it as the roll allowed
    • Tried not to select coins that had hits on the steps but had to accept minor hits where the coin allowed based on other attributes
    • Overall, would I be willing to put it into my coin album, if the answer was no, I passed on it
    A number of rolls did not get a single coin into the group. 9 rolls did not get a full 10 coins into the group. The first row was for me so I am offering 9 rows of BU red cents. From left to right the dates go:
    61D, 59, 61, 73, 65, 66, 73S, 70, 68S, 70S, 69D, 68D, 68, 69S, 65, 71D, 74D, 72D, 67, 70D, 69, 63, 63D, 62D, 71, 71S, 64, 62, 60D
    I know there are a couple duplicates. I did not pay attention to the dates and mint marks as I was going through them.

    So now on to business: Row 1 is the best and they get slightly worse from there slightly being the operative word. Again, I would keep all of these in my collection if it came to it. It should be noted that I went through almost 2000 cents one at a time so there is no promise that I did not miss something that would have disqualified the cent for if I had seen it.
    For each Row I want the following with free shipping:
    • Row 1 - $10
    • Row 2 - $9
    • Row 3 - $8
    • Row 4 - $7
    • Row 5 - $6
    • Rows 6 through 9 - $5
    I can send a better picture of a group if needed, but please only ask if you are serious about buying them. I will try to update the post if specific groups sell. Please tell me which group you want but you should list a 2nd choice in the event someone has beaten you to the 1st choice. Payment must be Paypal friends and family to keep it simple for me. I will confirm you have a set and then communicate throughout the process.

    Thanks ~ Darryl


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