1959 Lincoln Cent obv doubling subjects without the second reverse. (Proof UNITED)

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  1. Out of the 18 1959 Lincoln Cent pure mint grade specimens recovered out of $15.00 in cent rolls, 8 have any number of types of IN-I, WE-E, TRUST-R doubling. This is the only one to have corresponding doubling to its origin. Tilt doubling (John Wexler) is seen at the bottom left of IN-I. LIBERTY-R, GOD-D, IN-N, and the date show doubling. CDCEB1C2-D5CE-40B2-800E-341F8F5C0647.jpeg D7D4F8C4-AD95-41DD-9923-0D53ED426F1A.jpeg 586242C7-DC85-42E3-B753-ADFD730299E8.jpeg F5D71F43-C58A-49C4-A3EB-B3CE6798880E.jpeg E8689857-6CEB-408F-B5B6-54D04A46DCEE.jpeg C4E526DC-4E57-4644-98F5-4C913289C80B.jpeg 6F98CB52-76D0-4EE9-9DBD-730A081C9840.jpeg 5EC7E3FD-0097-47C9-B580-7DFBA423B1E4.jpeg

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