1959-D DDO - need another opinion

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by PennyRich, Feb 26, 2021.

  1. PennyRich

    PennyRich Active Member


    doubleddie.com WDDO-001 / WDDO-002

    Only characteristic not seen in the above mentioned references is the front breast area. IMO.

    Hope pictures are clear enough. Let me know your thoughts. 5F205121-DCCF-48A9-8179-D56F3722A84C.jpeg D375F761-40A4-45E2-A16F-13F56124D3B4.jpeg 284D943D-46ED-49CF-B13C-302015C2EBB7.jpeg DDEAFD71-461E-4212-A90F-7E77A998FB2A.jpeg 11268197-B6BF-4A3B-BFC9-B553A6DA0565.jpeg E57A9E9A-D0F9-485B-976F-FAA94BBFC863.jpeg BCEBA7A5-C282-4B4D-B817-053855DD0E95.jpeg
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  3. eddiespin

    eddiespin Fast Eddie

    Strike doubling. It can creep up virtually anywhere on the coin. Those secondary images aren’t from the die. In fact, pick any coin out of your pocket and examine it at the same level of magnification and you’ll find all kinds of these little skids and hops like these. People don’t realize that only because they never think to look at their pocket coins.

    But don’t let that dissuade you. Just keep searching and we’ll tell you when you hit the jackpot.
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  4. PennyRich

    PennyRich Active Member

    So, even matching the referenced doubled dies, it’s nothing?

    Nonetheless, thank you for the information. I appreciate it.
  5. eddiespin

    eddiespin Fast Eddie

    They’re categorizing them, now, that’s right. You could look at those. A lot of collectors here do and learn from them.
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  6. PennyRich

    PennyRich Active Member

    okay, thank you.
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  7. tommyc03

    tommyc03 Senior Member

    I'm not sure about this, but that part at the breast does not conform to normal strike doubling that I've seen. Possibly a die dent? I'm probably way off but it has a different shape to it.
  8. Kevin Mader

    Kevin Mader Fellow Coin Enthusiast

    Looks like a normal cent, but as Tommy notes, the phenomenon about the bust could be attributable to a die dent or possibly the result of an heavy engraver looking to re-define an area post a clash. Interesting that it's so specific and limited.
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  9. PennyRich

    PennyRich Active Member


    Attached Files:

  10. PennyRich

    PennyRich Active Member

    I posted an additional photo. There is definitely a distinctive “beginning” & “end” line.
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  11. eddiespin

    eddiespin Fast Eddie

    That's from a little scratch or dent on the die.
  12. desertgem

    desertgem MODERATOR Senior Errer Collecktor Moderator

    You might try the site below. They have excellent photos and have several that the other sites do not. It does take a little learning curve to fill out the boxes to limit your search. I never use doubledie.com unless asked to do so for a reason. Go to below


    and then click on search or type this


    These sites do not use the same evaluation methods and often do not get the same conclusions as to whether it is or is not such. Good Luck, Jim
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  13. Raizac

    Raizac Well-Known Member

    that mark blow the tie could just be a die gouge/feeder finger damage. NOT ddo the other marks are NOT what you're wanting to look for! that is die chatter when the die comes up it shakes a bit and cuts the coin this is evident in the arrow pointing to the R you can see the cut and flat shelf appearance. the left leg of R is round true doubling will be split notching on the coin.
    see below wexlers worthless dd and dd.jpg the IT on the image above is the same as your R !!
    true doubling is the pic on the right "A T E S" on the right you can see a clear separation of the devices call notching or split serif's on S's you all so can see a line slightly lower than the main device but not flat as the IT next to it
    i told you you're not going to find a dd this fast it takes time and 10's of thousands of coin's to understand what your looking at and understand how dd are mint and the minting pross.
    if you see a coin that looks odd 2x2 it and put it up keep looking reading up on dd look at other posters here on coin talk learn from them posting every single coin you think is ddo/ddr/ whatever is NOT helping you you're going to get mad and Quit this is a fun hobby but you need to slow down
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  14. PennyRich

    PennyRich Active Member

    Thank you much. I’m going to check them out right now.
  15. Raizac

    Raizac Well-Known Member

    your photo of B and R this is circulation damage the letters have be hit so many time i this coin's life they got mushy and deformed shown by my black marks damage.jpg damage1.jpg on the backside of your coin is all damage by the yr's of life this coin has dents ding's nick's gouges' all circulation damage this is normal as this yr is mostly copper and copper is a soft metal.
    you could take a ball pint pin to this coin and make a mark on it
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  16. PennyRich

    PennyRich Active Member

    This is where I disagree with many of the approaches people have, such as this specific one. You’ve helped me in the much recent past, but you need to understand something.

    Me posting “every single thing I find” may seem petty, ridiculous, or even a waste of time to all of you long-time enthusiasts. However, look at the plethora of solid information, resources, and education that has been shared with me. This is called learning.

    I don’t post every coin I stumble across, or y’all would be pissed. I certainly do my own fair share of reading and self-educating, so don’t imply otherwise.

    as many, if not all of you know, it can be extremely difficult to identify the differences between valuable, and worthless doubling, as well as any of the other possible varieties.

    I’m extremely fresh to this hobby, as all of you were at one point.

    It’s disturbing to me that some of the “long-time”, “professional”, “coin-experts” here, are so damn quick to attack. Some of the people I’ve seen here are like damn sharks, which goes to prove the lack of “teacher-like” qualities, many here possess.

    I don’t argue with the knowledge shared with me, I ask additional questions to learn how to accurately separate one thing from another.

    It’s mind-blowing how people come here for education and insight, but This forum turns into a pissing match amongst shaming individuals for, “posting too much” or “thinking” they have something.

    The whole basis for forums such as this, is to SHARE KNOWLEDGE AND HELP OTHERS INTERESTED IN THE HOBBY. I’m fully aware that I will never find a $1,000,000 coin, and I’m alright with that. But I find it extremely counter productive to have constant pissing battles, dick-measuring competitions, and stepping on those who are eager to learn.

    Someone posting multiple coins and asking questions is a serious indicator that they are in Invested, willing and eager to learn, and are looking for assistance. (Funny, using this platform for its exact purpose of existence? Strange...)

    You’re either interested in sharing knowledge and teaching others, or your not. At the end of the day, I don’t make anyone click on the threads I create. I don’t make anyone take the time to type and post any sort of response. That’s a personal decision.

    I still appreciate all the responses and very helpful information, so I say, “thank you” to all of you.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2021
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  17. PennyRich

    PennyRich Active Member

    I never implied the coin didn’t have signs of age or damage. That is obvious and I thought, goes without saying. But Again, I post with the intentions to learn. Which here again, I have.
  18. PennyRich

    PennyRich Active Member

    BAED98F2-6872-49CB-A3F2-A474F521CB49.jpeg 95D7DF34-9147-4973-915B-77906965B7A3.jpeg 828E83A1-D2FA-4669-8A49-59A43560F5BA.jpeg 8F1DD330-7B09-45C3-A03D-1056D697818C.jpeg
    Is this worthy of a post?

    2009 - Formative Years cent with the well known DDR? Or shall I buckle up for the borage of, “you’re seeing shit” lol.

    this one seems pretty clear cut to me. But I admit, I’m uneducated. However, it seems to be in extremely good condition.
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  19. Oldhoopster

    Oldhoopster Member of the ANA since 1982

    Your 59D doesn't match Wexler's DDO-001 or 002. A doubled die has to be an exact match, not just close.

    The 09 is probably something, but there are numerous formative years xtra finger DDRs to search through to find a match
  20. Kevin Mader

    Kevin Mader Fellow Coin Enthusiast

    That's a DDR on your 2009. As Oldhoopster notes there are a bunch of them, so you'll have to do some mining to attribute that. But you have one, so pop it in a flip for safe keeping!
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  21. Raizac

    Raizac Well-Known Member

    Yep you got ONE 2009 that is worth just a few bucks. like others have said have over 60 different variations now another factor in its worth of the coin is the condition of the coin. if you're looking to sell it on eBay
    looking @ pgcs if it was FS-804 if your coin could grade out at a 66 you could have up to $40.00 if it grades a 66+ you would have up to 130.00
    if it's FS-803 then ms 66+ is only 25.00 now prices are subjective not a guaranty
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