1958 D Jefferson 5C PMD ?

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Troy Krukowski, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. This gouged reverse of the nickel looks like mint damage. But this community convinced me that I have much to still learn. Anyhow the word Five seems to have a mark/gouge of some sort. If someone could assist me with their wisdom it would be much appreciated.
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  5. oh my, sorry..... lol
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    Troy, welcome! Are you sure its raised? It looks like PMD scratch. Can you get a picture on an angle to kind of show if it "peaks up" above the surface? It looks like just a scratch post mint.
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  7. I will use this digital magnifier that I tried to save money when I bought it and learned that sometimes you get cheap product being a penny pincher. It’s definitely a deep gouge that looks as if it is under the layer. No peeling of top layer, no chips or other metal showing. I’ll take a better pic
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    Looks like a struck through debris. Maybe some rim burr.
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    72D16277-00DE-4590-9834-1933C62E3C93.jpeg 0B7FEC07-ACFA-4F0A-9E17-70E057F14FBD.jpeg Rim burr struck through of mine. 2001 S JFK proof sealed
  10. That’s what it looks like on the nickel!!! Now that a good picture, wish I could take pics like that. Thanks
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