1954? RIC 5 Yuan

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by Linda Shierling, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Linda Shierling

    Linda Shierling You Tarzan...Me Jane

    Can anyone tell me anything about the value or rarity of this coin? Thx 1502601309199561701893.jpg 15026013521491606695955.jpg 15026013721051974560319.jpg 1502601391251973020482.jpg 1502601309199561701893.jpg 15026013521491606695955.jpg 15026013721051974560319.jpg 1502601391251973020482.jpg
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  3. alurid

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  4. Linda Shierling

    Linda Shierling You Tarzan...Me Jane

    Thank you so much! So this one could be worth a little more than 5 cents then. Why do most people never comment on something good you have but they love it when you have something bad...lol. I appreciate your reply and sharing the link. But really, it's just fun and I don't expect to get rich off of it but, I mean, if I did....it would be ok.
  5. lordmarcovan

    lordmarcovan Eclectic & odd Moderator

    It's a cool coin. I've found quite a few of them in bulk lots. I like the little map of Taiwan. It's another common coin, but there's nothing wrong with it, and it is rather exotic looking, isn't it?
  6. Linda Shierling

    Linda Shierling You Tarzan...Me Jane

    Yes it is. I love the old maps anyway. I collect old anything and don't have many maps but plenty of old books with old maps. I collect original art and have run out of places to store it safely, antiques, 19th century clocks, lots of things. I do try to make money with the things I can bare to part with.
  7. coin_nut

    coin_nut Supporter! Supporter

    Looks like old Mr. Chiang there. I can read some of what it says. Obverse: Chong Hoa Min Guo 43 Year, 5 Month 20 Day. On the reverse is a map of the island of Taiwan or Formosa and the character on the right is a 5. Picture is upside down. I have been to Taiwan more times than I can count and it is a great place.
  8. Linda Shierling

    Linda Shierling You Tarzan...Me Jane

    wow....ok, thank you! Would love to travel there one of these days.
  9. coin_nut

    coin_nut Supporter! Supporter

    Oh, I just remembered. The unit of money is the Tai Pi, or called in English NT or New Taiwan Dollar. That coin is probably of a lesser value, I would guess 1/2 NT. Yuan or Ren Min Bi is a mainland China unit of money.
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