1952 D Nickel Re-punched Mint Mark.

Discussion in 'What's it Worth' started by JPGregoire, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. JPGregoire

    JPGregoire New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I found this 1952 D nickel with what I believe is a re-punched mint mark. I am pretty sure it is but I would like to get others opinions. It appears to be and RPM-002 for this year.

    Here is a link to varietyvista.com for the 1952 D RPM for a quick comparison. http://www.varietyvista.com/05 JN RPMs/1952DRPM002.htm

    If this is a RPM it will be my first variety found while role hunting!
    1952 D RPM-002.PNG 1952 D RPM-002 Full Obverse.jpg 1952 D RPM-002 Full Reverse.jpg
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  3. BooksB4Coins

    BooksB4Coins Newbieus Sempiterna

    It may be. Have you considered doing a photo overlay to ensure the positions indeed match perfectly?
  4. JPGregoire

    JPGregoire New Member

    I have not thought about that. Honestly I'm not sure how to do that but I assume a simple Youtube search would give me a tutorial.

    Thank you for the suggestion.
  5. tommyc03

    tommyc03 Senior Member

  6. Nolan Workman

    Nolan Workman Well-Known Member

    It appears to have the split serif on the top, could be a Wexler 003? west.
  7. BooksB4Coins

    BooksB4Coins Newbieus Sempiterna

    If you've Photoshop its fairly easy and straightforward, and surely there are tutorials. However, I'm not sure about what other programs offer the ability. I assume some are, possibly including common free programs such as Photoscape or gimp, but again I'm not sure.

    If you're planning on searching for more minor varieties though, overlays will be a helpful tool in the future and worth the investment in learning how to do. Good luck!
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