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Discussion in 'World Coins' started by dog_pound, May 19, 2017.

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    I will post pics later (@ work) not really applicable to the question though since I am not asking to GTG. I happened upon a 1947 una pesta (56) the coin is VF not quite XF IMO. The coin from what I can research does not show mintage and seems to be unknown. Some opinions are it's an error coin having never supposed to have been stamped 56, others claim it as very rare key date. Ngc shows quite a bit of value(taken with a grain obviously, plus those are slabbed)

    Any opinions on the actual rarity and whether it's is a error or Not, should i consider authentication since I am into the coin for about .25 cents, and finally is there any legitimate market for it.

    New to world coins so I appreciated the feedback
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    It exists, mintage appears to be unknown. I haven't seen anything specific explaining why, but now I need to go check all of my Spain Pesetas!
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    Una peseta is .25 cents! In spanish.
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    Very interesting.
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