1944 S Lincoln Cent mint mark variation question

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by RandyK, Apr 9, 2020.

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    With a need to occupy some time in this quarantine situation, I decided to scope some older coins. I have almost 200 1944 S mint marked Lincolns that could have a few that go back to my youth as much as 65 years ago. I have never looked at these with the digital scope, so I was intrigued to find that about 20 of them have a different style S from the norm. The standard style S MM is what I would refer to as a Roman type Serif font that has the points at the termination. I found that about 10% of my cash has a Ball type termination. Has anyone else ever noticed that there are two styles of MM on the 1944 S? I searched for information on this but didn't find anything about this subject. I will post some pictures of what I found. 200408063913119.jpg 200408212621763.jpg 200408213216547.jpg

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    @RandyK What a coincidence, I just last night started looking at some old accumulations under my scope. It should be fun. Post your findings.
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