1944 or 1945

Discussion in 'Paper Money' started by Rushmore, Feb 6, 2021.

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    Japan Yen, what year is it

    20210206_130453.jpg 20210206_130546.jpg
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    Lueds is right.
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    Correct war year issue....These are very plentiful my uncle had captured piles of these in sequence. Neat notes but not much value.
  7. ewomack

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    This is the 1944 version (or 昭和19年). A 1943 does also exist, but it has different features, such as the front background pattern and the color of some of the background features on the reverse. These can have some value in pristine condition, but the fold down the middle probably gives it a value somewhere between $4.00 - $12.00.

    The 2020 JNDA lists this as 11-57 "Bank of Japan 1 Yen (Revised Chuo Takenouchi)"

    This note uses some antiquated Japanese, but the text means (reading in reverse on the note, right to left):
    日本銀行 - bank of Japan
    日本銀行券 - bank of Japan banknote
    壹圓 - One Yen, which appears on modern notes and coins as 一円 or 1円

    This series, like many Japanese notes, does not display a date on the note. The note shown in the JNDA has serial number 49.

    Numista page
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