1944 d over s ?

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Laurie Walker, Dec 16, 2019.

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    This is one of the other coins I mentioned in I think the first post I have five of these 1944 D coins all in very good condition all very bright red I am working on getting my microscope up to my computer so I can take clear photos of these coins I just took the photos that I'm posting with my phone which is not the best phone or camera so I apologize if they are very poor quality
  4. Kevin Mader

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    Certainly there will be limitations with equipment. Optimizing its capability may require some creative setups and understanding limitations. Over zooming can be problematic as noted by our fellow enthusiasts so staying within optimal ranges of operations should improve your photos. This is true regardless of the equipment you use, so getting a more expensive phone, camera, digital microscope, etc. isn't necessarily the solution. As noted, playing around a bit with your setup and equipment will help you to optimize your photos. Too often, newbies (and some more experienced enthusiasts) maximize a shot to the demise of everything expected or desired. Optimization is the key; minimizing and maximizing should be negligible.
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