1944 D Lincoln Penny Double Die or Worn Out?

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by agrace97, Oct 14, 2019.

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    F2B711F6-E895-4835-921C-E6E15E6FF5CC.jpeg C20FCEB9-B67B-494C-8FA3-D3A13D98BDC3.jpeg D06665CB-37F3-4F2F-A172-E5BBE09A8B4E.png 04FE4D07-EAE8-4713-AE64-82A8A9373A34.png FF45FBDF-C6DD-4153-B482-ABC865929DDD.png Hi again! I’ve been doing research for a few weeks and have finally found a forum to ask my burning questions to! I have this 1944 D Lincoln Penny.. the lettering/numbers seem to be very bold and distinct. The lettering in “Liberty” seems to be very bold and vary in sizes especially the “T.” I would love any insight!
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    Thank you for the helpful links!
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