1943 war Penny

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Bentley carpenter, Jul 11, 2021.


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    As are paragraphs. When I see something like this, I skip right over it.
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  3. Jim Dale

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    When my father passed, my brother and I found that our father had 3 jars of WWII 1943 pennies... a jar of 1943 P, a jar of 1943 D, and a jar of 1943 S. At that point of settling his estate, we divided the P, D, and S steel coins and put them in another set of 3. We counted out each Mint. Since then, my brother looked at each coin to see if any of the coins were worth anything. We both figured that we would not get rich collecting steel pennies. I put mine in 2 buy 2's and put them in a box, never to look at them again. Best of luck with your steel pennies. Maybe you can sell them to Coca Cola or Pepsi to make some cans or something like that.
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    The cans are aluminum, not steel. :)
  5. Jim Dale

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    I know it. I just like the way it sounds. I remember when Toyota was imported. Everyone, jokingly referred them as Pepsi Can cars. Many of you may be too old when Toyota first hit the market in the U.S. They were cheaply manufactured and was not very sound. Most Americans posted signs in their rear window of their Toyota. "My Toyota may be made of Pepsi cans, but I can now afford a car.
    Maybe that's how their coins are made,....? I can now joke about it because I have a 2003 Corolla CE with 150K miles and still going, a 2007 Camry LE with about 60K and drives like a dream, a 2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD with 60K, and last but not least, my wife's 2015 Toyota Camry SE with 50K. They are all serviced at the Toyota Dealership.
    Whoops! I am sorry for side tracking. Getting back to the Steel Wartime Pennies. As most of you have found out, everyone that gets one whatever means possible, they hoard them up. I pay cash at the grocery store and other sources for coins. I don't round up so the employee can pocket the coins in the round up bowl. Anyway, have any of you gotten a wartime penny lately? I doubt it. They are being hoarded by someone that thinks they are going to make some money by selling them over ebay. I like to get any coins I can get. I use to be able to look into the cash drawer to see if there was anything worth getting, but with the COVID, most stores have put up plexisglass shields to "protect" their employees. I cash checks at the drive through, so there is nothing available there. Several years ago, a cashier that had been a student of my wife's, knew I collected odd coins. She had gotten a gold covered Indiana 500 quarter. A customer thought it might be worth something, so the cashier told the customer that she would check with a coin collector. About a month later, I came into the credit union and she showed me her "gold" coin. She was devastated when I told her it was worth a quarter, Maybe. Anyway, I gave her a quarter for it and told her that if I found out anything about it, I would let her know. That was years ago. She asked me once if I found out anything about the coin. I told her that it was still worth a quarter.
    NOW, Do any of you have any thoughts about the coin? I though about giving her a few dollars for her trouble. I do like the coin. My parents were from Indiana, so I do have a tie to Indiana, although the only time I lived in Indiana, was when my father was serving there after the trouble we were having with North Korea. I have a picture somewhere that shows him at one of the gates between North and South Korea. I doubt that the gold color on the coin is only paint. That was in 1959.
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  6. Cheech9712

    Cheech9712 Every thing is a guess

    Think I just found a 52d. Pm me and I’ll send it to you. Whatever shape it’s in. Ok. Never mind. Sometimes I have a hard time pick up what you putting down. If you still want the 52d. Say so ok
  7. Cheech9712

    Cheech9712 Every thing is a guess

    You must be talking to me too. I’m sorry not a lot of school here. And if you can’t spell correctly it isn’t easy to do all the other stuff. But @Bentley carpenter is trying.
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  8. Cheech9712

    Cheech9712 Every thing is a guess

    Love that kinda stuff
  9. johnmilton

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    The trouble is the circulated ones are so cheap, it makes no sense for a dealer to package them in a holder and sell. You might find one in a "junk box" of cents.

    If you want to spend more, there are certified ones, but even there it has to be in the right grade to be worth that much.

    I bought this one over twenty years ago for my type set. It's in an MS-66 holder. I paid $25 for it, which was too much then, but I've seen ones not as nice in MS-68 holders that sell for a small fortune because of the registry set buyers.

    1943 War Cent All.jpg
  10. Bentley carpenter

    Bentley carpenter Well-Known Member

    That is a nice 43 war nickel so you had it for twenty years ago well has the value went up on it. So you had it sent off to get it checked on and find the grade on it
    I have some more 43 p and a d and a s I have the hole set but it took me awhile to get them lots of hunting there not easy to find that is for sure I bought the hole set off a friend of mine had them just laying around i seen them ask him would you take a doallar for all 3 of them and I got them . I have some that are pretty nice some are pretty ware. I believe I have one that might be worth sending off really don't know I will look it up and take a picture of it and see what you guys think I should do. But I think you guys for the story behind your find I like that kind of stuff but thanks guys for the info.
  11. Bentley carpenter

    Bentley carpenter Well-Known Member

    Yeah my writing ant to good im trying to get a little bit better. I do hole lot better when slow down I get in a run and I just put down what ever but I do apologies about my writing. But I think everyone for saying something about this coin means alot to me My wife got it for me so yeah it means alot to me I would never get rid of it. And I know it ant worth anything I seen that soon as I got it but I like it it's for sure different than the others I have I'm going to have to get a few off mine show you guys what a better one looks like. I'm going to get off here and find it if I can I have them in 2x2 I try to take care of all my coins I like or I think they might be worth something one day you never know.
    You never know what can happen in the next 20 years I'm hoping one of my grandbabies like coins cause is the plan they might cash it all in. I hope they don't cause I am going to have a lot of time in these coins I'm not going to stop looking for the big one what ever it may be but I'm looking for it I will find something that stands out alot more than the other coins I have. I'm on the hunt for it believe me so im looking hard all I do is go through different types of coins found a blank the other day it don't have no front or the back I put it up can't seem to find much information about it for real I guess I could dig it out and take a picture of it see if any body could give me some info about this coin.
  12. Bentley carpenter

    Bentley carpenter Well-Known Member

    It's like the rim is kinda bevele like so it's like it went so far through the process and some who'it went on through but didn't get stamed pretty nice coin I would love to just find out what kind it is. I don't even know if it is a dime or a penny the color on it reminds me of a dime I can't really tell buy the size it is a odd size for real I will find it and take a picture of it here in a few.
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