1943 S "COPPER" Wheat Penny

Discussion in 'What's it Worth' started by awhite83, May 11, 2013.

  1. dmott88

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    Because it most likely is a fake and wanted to show others what one looks like. The biggest coin deal mistake I have made many years ago was a "1914 D" which is reality is a 1944. It is also in a jewelers bag marked important and I bought it from a jeweler. It still is in my desk as a reminded not to buy anything that I am not completely knowledgeable on. I have since to make a similar mistake.

    Not saying that the OP coin is a fake but just providing a scenario of why it could be in such a envelope marked important. I hope it is not the came jeweler :p
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  3. dustywallen

    dustywallen Member

    Cropped it for him. Pretty positive it's modified. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1368328697.324723.jpg

  4. gunnovice09

    gunnovice09 Nothing

    Man is it ugly.
  5. awhite83

    awhite83 New Member

    Yeah its rough. But thanks Dusty for the better picture.
  6. ArthurK11

    ArthurK11 Active Member

    Looks like a 1945 to me. I found what I thought was a 1943 cent in change last year until I looked closer at it and it turned out to be a damaged 1945.
  7. Coin Monger

    Coin Monger New Member

    I also think you should send it in for grading. If it's real you'll have a fortune in your hands. If not, it'll be returned in a body bag and you'll know for certain what you have.
  8. furham

    furham Good Ole Boy

    But why waste the money. I would take it to your nearest coin dealer and have them take a look at it.
  9. kaosleeroy108

    kaosleeroy108 The Mahayana Tea Shop & hobby center

  10. Treashunt

    Treashunt The Other Frank

  11. redwin117

    redwin117 Junior Member

    The first thing you do. Buy or get a pocket scale weigh and weight it, second get a better camera and take a good shot of the details specially the number of 1943 s, Third if you got a FEELING your coin is real copper with a good grade then GUARD it! Wait for a Coin Show close to your area that your coin will be certified with your own supervision. Hope they let you guard your valuable coin. If NOT then FORGET it...Coin Switching always happened...Specially to a BIG DOLLAR RARE COIN.
  12. Collector1966

    Collector1966 Senior Member

    It's not a 43. As someone else noted, the 3 on a real 1943 extends way down past the 4
  13. jloring

    jloring Senior Citizen

    Good advice in general, but necessary for this altered coin.
  14. Chiefbullsit

    Chiefbullsit CRAZY HORSE

    Man, it's tough thinking you found a super rare coin. You start thinking about selling it and buying lots of stuff.

    I feel your pain...:(
  15. LostDutchman

    LostDutchman Under Staffed & Overly Motivated Supporter

    That is not true at all. These multi million dollar a year companies do not risk their reputations switching coins. To suggest such with no proof is irresponsible. Basically... You need to quit talking about things that you have no clue about.
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  16. Jim M

    Jim M Ride it like ya stole it

    Matt, can you even begin to imagine what would happen to ALL TPG's if just one of them actually got caught doing what was suggested.. Holy Cow.. The fallout would be insane. I bet it would take down more than one TPG if that were to really happen. I am certainly not saying that the TPG's are saints, but switching coins? I don't think so.

    OP, the coin looks like a 45 to me as well..
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  17. awhite83

    awhite83 New Member

    Well it took a 2 hour drive to find a coin dealer in my area. And well it was weighed and verified its a Real copper penny. Hmmm. The date he said he was fairly positive it was a 45. Took it to another dealer a few miles later he said its a 43. Third shop 45. So I feel its a 45. But it was a shot in the dark. I will still hang on to it for the traveling we gone through. And if any new places pop up I might take it back for a second look.
  18. Kentucky

    Kentucky Supporter! Supporter

    I commend you for your due dilligence. As a final gesture, you could try and scan it again, do a preview scan and narrow down the field to just the coin, now scan just the coin at the highest resolution possible. That would give everyone a good clear look at the date. Gotta know, did the dealer who said it was a 43 salivate at least a little? Did he swap it out with a magicians move?
  19. swhuck

    swhuck Junior Member

  20. lotusboyrulz

    lotusboyrulz Member

    take it back to the guy who said it was a 43 and ask if you can trade with him.
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  21. awhite83

    awhite83 New Member

    The man who said it was a 43, he grabbed a magnifying glass, then ran to the desk held it under a light and grabbed a bigger glass. Then said he wished he'd found it. Recommended me driving to a larger shop in another city. (another 1 1/2 hour drive) Most of the shops here are small shops, combined with antique stores. It was enough to get my heart racing again. Hopes and dreams I will just keep digging until I find something else to chase.
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