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Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by MatrixMP-9, Sep 15, 2019.

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    Good morning all

    I was going through some of my years that have low production numbers. Specifically 41S. Most of mine are just damaged pretty badly. This one below was at least to me interesting. Ive never run across MD exactly like this. It seems to be only around the date and very strong around the mint mark. My instinct is telling me its just some sort of MD. I see nothing in Wexlers or Variety that looks quite like this so Ive eliminated alot of possibilities. Anyone know how this happens?? It almost appears like there are 3 "sets" around the mint mark. Only the date and MM look like this the other pictures are just to show condition....outside the date and MM its just PMD.

    IMG_6763.jpg IMG_6764.jpg Snapshot000000.jpg Snapshot000001.jpg Snapshot000002.jpg Snapshot000005.jpg Snapshot000003.jpg Snapshot000004.jpg Snapshot000006.jpg
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    Couple more shits on different angles. Snapshot000001 (2).jpg Snapshot000005 (2).jpg Snapshot000007.jpg Snapshot000006 (2).jpg
  4. MatrixMP-9

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    I dont think this is RPM-001 per looking at variety vista. The die chip in the stalk matches nicely but the others arent there or have been worn away. I simply cannot tell if the MM is in the right place for that. I dont think so.
  5. cpm9ball

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    Hmmm! I wonder if it isn't multiple stages of die deterioration. Could that be? What say you @paddyman98 ?

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  6. desertgem

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    Or multiple stages of corrosion along with a little MD to start with.
  7. Kentucky

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    Truth in advertising? :)
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  8. MatrixMP-9

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    I proof read my posts too. That one got away! It was between pics and I skimmed over it. Yep,,,, truth is what it looks like ! LOL!
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