1941 rim to rim lamination and 1944-d struck through capped die reverse

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    two more beautiful adiitions to my collection, i lost many many bids on great collections, stuff i bid 1600 and 350 and 900 are like 4000 and 5000 now, lol : 272352231_444120773880476_6483968938211650569_n.jpg 272203578_1962488080599518_3802426446620731661_n.jpg 272357665_2072656732896934_3467404290260938803_n.jpg 272007608_949370352440670_2396388630303065918_n.jpg 272753310_1066079623940601_4092739635952353099_n.jpg 272027842_337641868073485_9085762097667028050_n.jpg so got to watch the budget!!
    i love coins, especially errors and i hope you all enjpy when i post my newest finds, or purchases, thanks for viewing, john cml
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