1936 F.S.018.8 DDR Buffalo Nickel DDR-001

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by costandino, Oct 30, 2007.

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    Hello. I would like to know if any Buffalo Nickel collectors out there could tell me about the rarity of Mint State 1936 DDR-001. How many are known and any gems? I saw a M.S. 64 for sale last year for 2400 or so. Was that a high or low ask? Buff book showed MS65 at estimated 1200 although the writer thought that value was underestimated. What would a 65 or 66 value at? Any gems known or sold? Anybody seen any mint state examples, know how many exist, or what is finest known grade? Book references URS6. I saw only a couple of circulated coins sold in last year or so. Got to be one tough Buff.

    Are Buffalo's hot or what? I saw that the 1935 DDR just sold for 104K+. It was at around 35K earlier in year. What is up with that? Any effect on the other varieties?

    I posted a similar question earlier today and it went to the introduction section by mistake. Newbee and all. How do I remove it? Thanx..C.
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    I would hunt down David Lange and ask him -- he wrote the book, literally, on buffalo nickels...Mike
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