1936 Edward VIII Crown - British Mandate of Palestine

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by Zohar444, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. Zohar444

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    Edward VIII was King for only 10 months in 1936 and none of his coins were issued for circulation. One original Crown has come up for sale and it sold for about £65,000!

    In 1955 the dealer Hearn created a crown sized piece of what Edward's coinage might have looked like, had he not abdicated.


    On the obverse is the uncrowned bust of the King and on the reverse coins from the British Mandate of Palestine. Each of these privately issued Medallic pattern crowns are the full 38 mm.

    X-M1a , Copper-Nickel , Mintage:2,500. PF-67 NGC.
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  3. TheBigH

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    The Edward VIII fantasy coins are nice, but the portrait just does not look quite right. In reality, his portrait would have (and did on some patterns) looked nearly identical to that of his brother, George VI. Your piece is very nice, all the same.
  4. ericl

    ericl Senior Member

    I got one of those to fill in a hole in the my british monarch type set (i've got every king since Charles II, plus some heirs that never reigned). There were some Edward VIII colonial coins without the portrait that made it to circulation, and the pubjoy mint did an edward viii coin. I'm surprised with all the crap the canadian mint has come out with they haven't had the #$%^ on a commemerative yet.
  5. TheBigH

    TheBigH Senior Member

    The places that officially issued Edward VIII coins were:

    British West Africa
    East Africa
    Jodhpur (Indian Princely State)
    Kutch (Indian Princely State)
    New Guinea

    There could be others, but that is all that I am aware of. Of course, as Eric stated, none of them bear his portrait.

    By the way, one interesting fact is that Edward VIII took part in the Maundy ceremony in which coins were handed out to the poor, but those coins featured his father, George V.
  6. Zohar444

    Zohar444 Member

    Got another nice one on the web. Image provider by seller.
  7. TheBigH

    TheBigH Senior Member

    I wonder why that reverse was chosen? Did all the fantasy crowns have pictures of the circulating coinage on the reverse?
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