SOLD 1933M Mexico peso, NGC MS65+, white & lustrous

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    *** UPDATE: SWAPPED! ***

    But you can still have a chance at it!

    You see, @spirityoda swapped me for this coin- and one other- and they will both be his contribution in the upcoming September giveaway!


    No pix of my own, but there are some adequate ones on the NGC cert page:

    There are a couple of darker specks at the rim (10:00 obverse/2:00 reverse) but these are not overly distracting, as you'll see in the photos. The coin is otherwise blast white, lustrous, and quite attractive.

    *This coin was a recent surprise gift from @kazuma78. If it seems crass of me to be "flipping" it so soon, I will mention that I'm keeping the other coin he sent me. Also, the proceeds of this sale will offset some of my expenditures on the giveaways. So a tip o' my hat to @kazuma78, who was all too kind.
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