SOLD 1928 Peace, 1887 S CAC Morgan, and 1889 O MS 62 toned Morgan.

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    ALL SOLD. Today, I have 3 very nice PQ coins for sale.
    These are all VERY reasonably priced.
    1. 1887 S CAC MS 63 Morgan. This is an outstanding blast white, and very well struck PCGS coin. I am asking ONLY $175 for it.
    2. 1928 NGC MS 62 Peace Dollar. This is a low mintage Key Date coin. It has a very nice bronze look to it. It is also a very solid specimen for the grade. I personally, think it’s a PQ coin? I am asking ONLY $300 for it.
    3. 1889 O MS 62 water color toned Morgan. This coin is one of the nicest toned coins in my collection. It is just spectacular. But it’s time for it, to find a new home. I am asking ONLY $200 for it.
    I will accept a check or money order. But prefer a check? Free shipping included like always. If interested, DM me? Thank you, and have a good day or night. ALL SOLD

    A1A5CF8B-3B95-4FAF-99C7-1D84E136A17F.jpeg F7F06B7F-BBBD-4267-9356-9530CF113878.jpeg 74EE77F3-52FD-4E53-A855-DBCE47D0A94E.jpeg 32327EB9-B5F8-4A96-992A-1B4292B4BA71.jpeg 54C5B5FB-01EF-4B64-B9ED-2359AFAC60D7.jpeg 2C3A1149-8423-4B4B-A984-08EFCD223AB0.jpeg CFBC7D93-5622-4BA8-A6CC-D04C85545ABB.jpeg 14CDC1EE-26FC-4EC6-91B3-D547A32AC634.jpeg 8E95D714-5462-45BB-A7ED-9772395D9E00.jpeg AD08159B-EEE3-41C1-B999-8E41DAF0239E.jpeg
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