1928 Error, good find? Big value?

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by v8americanpower, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. v8americanpower

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    As with how I find most of my coins I collect, I was digging through the penny drawer in my cash register when I came accross a 1928 Lincoln (phila.) penny. Like with most Wheaties I come accross I switched it with a normal penny from my pocket and brought it home. After getting it out and looking at it, I noticed a large, crater-like growth out of the "In God We Trust" part of the front of the penny. The crater is about the size of Lincoln's head and sticks out from the normal diameter of the penny. I've read up on the penny itself and see that 134 million 1928 P wheaties we're produced and prob very few still exist, ESPECIALLY in erroneous form. Could anyone give me any insight as to whether this is a true treasure and it's worth? I'm considering throwin it up on ebay. I'll try to get pics up asap
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  3. jody526

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Congratulations on finding a Wheat Cent. They're not at all common today.
    Also, congratulations on the research you did to find out the mintage numbers of a 1928 (plain) cent.

    As with any coin, it will be very difficult for anyone to offer an opinion without at least a good picture.
    Of course, if you list it on eBay, the value will be known as soon as the auction closes.
  4. v8americanpower

    v8americanpower New Member

    Pictures of flaw

    I have pictures of the flaw but I dont get how to post the picture using the crap given, can anyone help?
  5. laz

    laz New Member

    Ask Peter Davis, the host of these forums to host the picts here, or upload them to a site where they can be viewed by the public,and post a link. ~ Jim
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