WTS: 1923P Peace Dollar with Lamination error

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    I got this a while ago and finally took it to my LCS to have him look at it in hand. He confirmed it was a Lamination error. This is something I wanted to do before I offered this coin for sale.

    Now that I have done that it is ready to be put up for sale so here we go.

    This is a raw 1923P Peace Dollar so grade for yourself. I have looked and rarely see lams this big on these. IMG_00021-horz.jpg

    If you would like more photos, just let me know and I will get them to you asap.

    Asking $40 shipped to US address. If outside of US it will be $40 plus whatever it cost to ship to your address. Coin will ship in an Air-Tite for protection.

    May consider a trade instead depending on what you got.

    I prefer payment through PayPal, but will accept check or money order. Coin will not ship until check or money order clears though.

    PM me if interested.

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