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  1. brinssig

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    I bought a 1921D dollar that is a VAM 1H3. The seller thought the coin is in grade MS63 to MS64 but when I see the coin in person I can plainly see the coin has wipe marks on it. I coin dealer advised me to return the coin saying coins with wipe marks don't sell very well but this VAM is hard to find and I am thinking maybe I should keep the coin. I paid $170 for the coin but I bought another one in XF for about the same price. Should I keep the coin since this VAM is hard to find? There are wipe marks on and in front of the face and above the eagle on the back which can probably be seen in these pictures.


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  3. expat

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    It is "rated" R7 as rarity and is a pretty hard to find coin, I would be tempted to keep it. It is also currently in the WOW! VAM list with others with cuds
  4. John Burgess

    John Burgess Well-Known Member

    the question is "are you happy with it"?

    I saw this coin on ebay a week back or so, the pictures showed these scratches clearly. did he represent it as MS-63 or 64?

    I mean clearly the eagle has no breastfeathers, It's can't be MS anything.

    And I thought it needed a cud in the break for it to be 1H4, that has the crack of 1H3 or 1H2, but doesn't look like a cud is there in these pictures.

    Personally I wouldn't have bought this coin, but The listing if I remember correct the pictures were good and he didn't list a grade for it, but He did say it was VAM 1H4, which I kind of had my doubts about, then the scratches and I passed myself on making an offer on it.
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  5. brinssig

    brinssig Member

    I also saw the scratches in the pictures but I was hoping the scratches were not as bad as they looked in the pictures since pictures of other coins I have bought looked worse than what the coin actually looked like. The seller told me he thought the coin was at least MS63 so I bought the coin partly based on what he said.

    I think you are incorrect the coin lists as a VAM 1H4. The ad lists the coin as a VAM 1H3 and I had a coin expert check out the coin who confired the coin is a VAM 1H3.
  6. expat

    expat Remember you are unique, just like everyone else

    The OP states it is a 1H3 and Vam World has it described as a retained cud. With so many conflicting opinions regarding Vams it is no wonder I struggle to correctly nail mine down LOL
  7. John Burgess

    John Burgess Well-Known Member

    No you're right, my bad, it was 1H3, not 1H4. My memory was bad I thought he had listed it as 1H4.

    it's not mint state at all though, so if he represented it to you as MS, and you have some buyers remorse, you should return it I'd think. Again it comes down to, are you happy with it, or does it bother you to a point where you'd like to let that fish go and try again? the Obverse has a whole lot of the detail, but the eagle breast on the reverse looks like XF and should have some feather features to get to even AU.

    VAMworld has 1H3 described correctly, I just for some reason thought the seller represented it as 1H4.

    "A cud is a raised area on the rim of a coins surface caused by a die break where a piece of the die is missing. A retained cud is caused from the same type of die break, but instead of falling out, the broken piece of die remains intact, causing a raised line to appear on the coins surface."

    it's definitely a retained cud, the 1H4 nonsense and cud was my bad here for adding it in when I should have looked back and verified first. The memory ain't what it used to be...
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  8. expat

    expat Remember you are unique, just like everyone else

    LOL I think I remember what memory was
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