1921 Morgan Dollar is Different from all the other years.

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by FAT, May 5, 2012.

  1. FAT

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    The Morgan Dollars struck in 1921 were made from completely different hubs, and show many design differences on both sides. I read that all the hubs for the original Morgan Dollars were destroyed in 1908. Then in 1921 when the silver dollar was revived all new hubs were made from scratch for the new Morgan Dollars. What are these differences? Does anyone have pictures to compare and point them out?
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  3. silverspoonvint

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    The simple difference that comes to my mind is the design of the Eagle's breast feathers. Kinda V shaped rows rather than a rounded breast and more natural feather look. I've never been into collecting the 1921's even though they are rich in VAM's.
  4. green18

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  5. 10gary22

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    I guess I better get a few out and look at them, if I can ever find time. My spring projects here at the house are KILLIN' ME !
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