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    Hey all. I purchased this one in a 2x2 at a show a few years ago for $200. I sent it in hoping for a MS grade but ended up getting AU details. At the time I thought it would pass but next to a normal MS version it is pretty white. It did not get the harshly cleaned label and does not have harsh scratches. Shield detail is strong so it seemed like it didn't need to be cleaned but must've been dipped at some point.
    It's a nice coin in a fresh new slab. It just isn't a great registry coin for the type so I'm offering it here. I don't know where to price it so I'll just say $180 obo SHIPPED. Will accept paypal.

    Edit 8/02: I looked at this coin again and it drives me crazy that they didn't straight grade it. They call it cleaned but it has full details and is just white. It does not look polished and seems to have the same luster as the two non cleaned ones on either side of it. Its actually nice enough to the point I thought about taking this down. Don't let AU details scare you on this one. It's a nice coin!

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