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    I am using my COVID-19 time to catalogue "My Father's Collection."

    If you look back at my previous posts you can see that his collection is extensive and somewhat world class with three 1955 dd cents, 1909S-vdb which graded very high. That being said, the rest of the collection is in a terrible state with only the most valuable gold and silver removed and slabbed.
    I am taking this time (being laid-off without pay) to finally attempt to organize 6 large boxes of coins. I bought flips and cards and I am attempting to "grade" them according to the Red Book 2020, to the best of my limited ability.

    Well, in one rather innocuous roll of cents I've found some rather valuable coins, I think.
    It wasn't like my father not to note or separate out the good stuff. That scares me to death that there are key dates floating around the endless rolls.
    What I do know is that I need to go through each and every individual coin (over 10,000 silver coins alone).

    Here's where I need your expertise, when I find something curious.
    In the innocuous roll I found:
    1922- D weak

    I am including a photo of the 1914-D. It is a pretty coin- with rich rosy red luster. The wear points don't look dirty as the photos seem.

    Can anyone help me determine an approximate grade on this? I am not really experienced in grading, I can only start at the bottom of the ladder, G-4, and if it meets the criteria, I climb up one step.

    My old camera is poor. I had trouble even getting a decent photo.

    As for the other coins on the list above, if anyone has interest in seeing a photo, please point it out and I will try to take one.

    Thank you in advance for your help.


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  3. Kevin Mader

    Kevin Mader Fellow Coin Enthusiast

    Use the PCGS Photograde to establish what you think a grade may be for a given coin. Then post here in the appropriate forum. Your fellow enthusiasts would be happy to help you out. When it comes to the valuable coins, like your 1914 D, you should probably ante up an pay a third party grader. Folks spending big dollars like the assurance of what they are buying...and the coin is authentic. That date/coin is a high candidate for counterfeiting. Better to pay a little to get more. Folks here can help you authenticate coins...but we lack the credentials which is the piece of mind behind the grade and subsequent purchase. Your 1914D is a high grade specimen. It would be worth the investment.
  4. Collecting Nut

    Collecting Nut Borderline Hoarder

    When I enlarge the photos they get blurry. Try using your cell phone. Take the photo, crop out the background and post. It takes some practice but it works.
  5. rosethe

    rosethe Junior Member

    Collecting Nut, sadly, my cell phone isn't Smart.
  6. Incharge

    Incharge Active Member

    nice collection of coins...1914 d ms 62 + $2000.. +

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  7. Collecting Nut

    Collecting Nut Borderline Hoarder

  8. rosethe

    rosethe Junior Member

    Thanks to Kevin M for sending me to the PCGS website. I've had a lot graded by them. I was not aware of the photo grading feature. Frankly, it is quite daunting for me to venture a grade. Honestly, I cannot distinguish between the looks, even if they are 10 grade apart. But here it goes anyway, I can guess a 'range.'

    1914-D AU58-MS63
    1922-D (weak D) PCGS doesn't have a pricing for weak D. EF40-AU50
    1924-D AU 58-MS60
    1909-S AU 53-MS60
    1909-S V.D.B. (I didn't see the vdb until now) MS60?
    1913-S AU 55-MS60
    1914-S AU55-MS60
    1923-S AU55-MS60
    1911-S AU 53-MS-60
    1931-S EF40-MS60

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  9. Kevin Mader

    Kevin Mader Fellow Coin Enthusiast

    Next step, see what folks have paid for similar coins on eBay Coins. Make sure you use the filters on the left margin and select Completed sales and other appropriate attributes. That's what you might expect to get for a slabbed coin. Based on ROI assessment you can choose to have some/all of your coins graded by a TPG. A few no brainers in your list, but there are a few perhaps borderline coins that when bundled, should be included too.
  10. Incharge

    Incharge Active Member

    Whitman Red book 2020 ..... $10 is a great place to start looking at the value of your coins, get it at walmart,
  11. frankjg

    frankjg Well-Known Member

    If you read his post he said he is using a Redbook.
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