1912 Gold $2.50 and Dansco Album w/ Gold Page

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    Hey folks,
    As part of a type set I purchased a while back, I have a few items for sale. The gold $2.50 Indian is in beautiful shape. Similar pieces have been selling recently online between $400 and $450. The Dansco album is 6 pages and is used but in good shape. It has the much sought after gold page which sells for $100 alone.
    I would prefer to sell the album as a unit but if there is enough interest in breaking the gold page out, I could do that.
    Asking prices:
    1912 Indian: SOLD $400 SOLD
    Album w/gold page: $125
    Album alone:40
    Gold page alone:90
    Shipping would be $7 flat for any combo.
    E860E600-49B4-4C4B-9E7F-AADBB7BE4E9F.jpeg 7C27A1A4-C627-40BA-B9FF-45395C5C5584.jpeg 4ED96BB8-AEB9-45B7-B0B5-A9492ABF2FB4.jpeg 190DE0FF-B3EA-4057-89E2-0D4849239D2A.jpeg 445518B8-97F0-4018-BF58-786A6DAA1B86.jpeg 5F1F4965-9223-4784-8391-BF5C6757F543.jpeg FC8270CE-314D-4991-956F-87449AA53353.jpeg 5A7FA942-4B64-49A6-B6AD-1EAE37160D64.jpeg 1FA456E2-19BC-4D1E-A1C5-B389400A1D4D.jpeg 4D358E4A-153A-48AF-8B2C-7D39E6850427.jpeg
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