WTS: 1908, 1909, 1909D, 1909D (ANACS) NGC "AU DETAILS "INDIAN $5 GOLD W/SER. NO., <$450/COIN, <eBay, PPD

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    1908 NGC "AU DETAILS" INDIAN HALF EAGLE $5 GOLD - #3886569-005

    1909 NGC "AU DETAILS" INDIAN HALF EAGLE $5 GOLD - #3715153-012

    1909D ANACS "AU 58 DETAILS" INDIAN HALF EAGLE $5 GOLD - #4733788

    1909D NGC "AU DETAILS" INDIAN HALF EAGLE $5 GOLD - #3715153-013

    ~.97 total ounces of TPG certified authentic Fine Gold in the 4 coins at a generally believed lesser ~5% premium than eBay raw comparable coinage.

    I've inspected the coins with a 10 power loupe, finding no marks/rub/abrasion, indicating cleaning.

    I may have the coins in comparable PCGS slab for $10 additional /coin.

    I'm removing some of my inventory trying to recover part of the expensive for sending to TPG, costs more than anticipated.

    I know generally that the buyers who have interest in my coins, may know how to verify authenticity on NGC (photos?), so I've supplied the respective NGC serial numbers. Quality of photos has been a long contentious subject in this venue, of which I'm not current with my equipment for images often requested, but allow coin return, free shipping, to offset.

    I'd prefer to sell the 4 coins together as they're all graded by a premier TPG, long in the past, so they should meet/exceed current grading standards. Individual coins are $463.80 each. All 4 will be sold at $1895.

    Returns are accepted for full refund undamaged in original slabs.

    Coins will be shipped PPD through USPS with "Signature Confirmation".

    Preferred payment is Postal Money Order, but personal check is acceptable, with delivery upon receipt of "good funds".

    Question? Contact: richfoss@localnet.com

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