WTS: 1904 S XF 45 Morgan, 1934 MS 63 Peace, and a Trajan Denarius.

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by HAB Peace 28 2.0, Mar 18, 2020.

  1. HAB Peace 28 2.0

    HAB Peace 28 2.0 Je ne me soucie plus vraiment. Je suis essentiel.

    Today: 1. I have a nice PCGS 1904 S XF 45 semi-key, conditional rarity Morgan. It would be perfect for a Morgan collection, or collector. This is a perfect circulated coin IMO. I am asking only $275. It’s services are no longer needed. I have an update on the way.
    2. For the fans of ancients; I have a very nice Ancient Rome, Trajan Denarius. I have owned this coin for years, and it’s now time to find it another home. It is a VERY nice coin. I am asking $100 for it.
    3. An ICG 1934 P MS 63 Peace $. This is a VERY solid graded coin, and IMO feel it would EASILY crossover. I am asking only 70$ for it.
    If interested? DM me. I will accept a check or money order. But prefer a check. Free shipping included. Have a good day or night, and stay safe.
    8736E86A-7816-4A77-B4B0-51493FDBB105.jpeg 6D8230A5-0403-4FCE-AA0F-E3CACB4383D8.jpeg EF887943-3FE3-4E43-B776-9BC11624DA05.jpeg E97F4C50-CC31-42F3-842B-F8B5CB20E1D8.jpeg 0D687E4E-8470-41A2-88C8-45FDE81645A0.jpeg 8F299B52-8754-44F3-9673-2AD336C2A4F5.jpeg 623E3330-8353-49DD-BE8B-A0D14F699139.jpeg 5AF0DFC4-8811-433F-A2A4-BA5D722E0206.jpeg
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