SOLD 1899 S AU 58 Morgan CAC, 1923 MS 66 Peace, and a 1891 P MS 63+ Morgan

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    Today, I have 3 nice coins for sale.
    1. 1899 S PCGS AU 58 CAC Morgan.
    This is a very solid date. It would make a nice addition to any Morgan collection. I am asking only $225 for it.
    2. 1923 P MS 66 PCGS Peace Dollar. This coin is very well struck with really nice gold luster. I feel this is a PQ, and possibly a CAC coin. But that’s just my opinion? I am asking $270 for it.
    3. 1891 P NGC MS 63+ Morgan.
    This coin is blast white, and struck extremely well. How this coin didn’t grade 64 is truly beyond me? I am asking $175 for it.
    If interested? PM me.
    I will accept a check or money order. But prefer a check? Free shipping included.
    Have a good day or night.
    E5C61A3F-C230-4D96-9D6B-12B1F1C87382.jpeg 09DF1882-7BE8-4A2F-A6F4-846C413ED544.jpeg C7DFBEDB-AA82-4DA9-9F0C-856E497B61E2.jpeg 3B0320EF-198F-4933-AF8B-B25F7F045B52.png CF4C7CF2-1E53-4AB0-B608-C5DB08787427.jpeg 33BF433A-589E-44CA-A84C-10CF6334BA78.jpeg
    B6E6DA74-2AD5-4DF5-BEA3-B53B3E2034F8.jpeg B26BA653-3DB7-4CE3-80B6-82D8F413619F.jpeg
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