1899 20 Pesetas with M.P M (error?)

Discussion in 'What's it Worth' started by leo44, Jun 24, 2017.

  1. leo44

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    I've recently come into possession of a 1899 20 Pesetas gold coin.
    Absolutely everything about the coin checks out (weight, size, markings) except for the rear side which has the wrong mint signature on it (M.P-M instead of S.M-V).
    M.P-M were minting until 1890.

    Does any one know if I've fallen for a counterfeit, or an error where the back side of the coin was minted with an old press?
    And what's it worth, in any case?
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  3. leo44

    leo44 New Member

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  4. chrisild

    chrisild Coin Collector Supporter

    Not sure but the Spanish Mint did make various "official restrikes" of that 20 ptas coin ...

  5. jdabeln

    jdabeln New Member

    Check the edge. A genuine coin will have 18 fleurs-de-lis embossed around the edge.
  6. jdabeln

    jdabeln New Member

    According to José María Aledón ("La Peseta, Catálogo Básico," p. 101), your coin is a "falsificacion," that is, a counterfeit. His catalog listing for the coin is:
    188.FE2 1899*(18-89) MP M Oro MBC 12.000pta EBC 19.000pta
    At the time this catalog was published in 1997, the peseta/dollar exchange rate was 145/1.
    Therefore, 12,000 pesetas = $82.75, and 19,000 pesetas = $131.00.
    Also at the time this catalog was published in 1997, gold was selling for $345/ounce. Therefore the bullion value of a 20-peseta gold coin in 1997 was $345*0.18668 = $64.40. So your counterfeit has a slight numismatic premium, according to Aledón.
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