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    For some reason lol? I really like this date & find it interesting? It has an original mintage of 1,350,000, and a surviving mintage of a little north of 100,000. That being said: It has an overall rarity, that really doesn't fit the $ price IMO? It skyrockets at MS & only has a rarity score of just over 2. As far as Morgan CC's go it's considered (middle of the road) concerning rarity. Now the question, I was wondering? Is this date considered a better, semi, conditional rarity, or key date? I think it could be any of the above? Which is what makes this date so fascinating to me.
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    All CC coinage bring strong prices. Collectors love them and that is what drives the price. Look at the 1909-S VDB cent. These are by no means rare, with at least 10,000 extant. You could drive yourself bankrupt buying them at major shows. Yet, they are popular to they bring the money. Get used to it.
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    According to the Red Book of Morgan Silver Dollars, there were tens of thousands of them available in the Treasury release, and the optimal collecting grade is about MS64. Circulation strikes were considered weak while specimens in mint state were very sharp.

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    Just throwing some numbers around.
    First line pcgs.
    92CC MS -7519 PL-544 DM-169
    NGC MS- 6088 PL- 310 DM- 66
    Total 14,696
    89CC MS-346 PL-98 DM -158
    NGC MS- 4974 PL- 141 DM- 85
    Total 5,802
    There's no doubt with these two coins that some coins have been resubmitted many of times so the numbers are more than a little skewed.
    But, out of the total graded there is a big difference.
    I would have to look to a couple other dates to see how it adds up to being a conditional rarity.
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