1892: A Lean Year for South African Coins

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    I was looking at mintage figures for South African coins during the end of the 19th century and was surprised at how few coins were produced when compared to, say the GB sovereign. Considering the gold, platinum and other metal reserves of the country, the highest mintage in the closing years of that century for the gold Pond, appears to be in 1895 with only 336,000 coins struck.

    The President of the South African Republic (ZAR), Paul Kruger contracted with the Berlin mint to produce these coins instead of using the Pretoria mint. This almost proved to be a public relations disaster because the German designer, Otto Schultz used the European style double shaft wagon on the Coat of Arms on the reverse instead of the single shaft used in South Africa. Also the rear wheels on the South African 'Voortrekker' wagons are larger than the front wheels, but Schultz’s design has wheels of equal size. Schultz’s OS initials (below Kruger’s bust) were also mistaken for the Afrikaaner word for "ox." On realizing the error, many "Double Shaft" coins were removed from circulation and replaced by the 'Single Shaft' version but a substantial number of 'Double Shaft' coins were retained by collectors.

    With a total mintage of only 10,150 for the half Pond and 15,650 for the Pond (both Double and the scarcer Single shaft version), the 1892 coins would be some of the lowest mintage coins apart from the single 9 and 99 counter-stamped gold Ponds of which only 1 and 130 coins respectively, were ever minted.

    Similarly, proof versions of all denominations, including minors, were minted in very small numbers and are proving to be popular with collectors. Although I don't particularly collect South African coins per se, I acquired an 1892 Double Shaft pond some time back and this got me doing a bit of research. I have since purchased some more coins from this year and would like to share them here. Some have been posted earlier in another thread and I apologise for the duplication:

    1892 Half Pond struck in Double Shaft version only......AU53

    1892 SA Half Pond AU53 Obv.jpg

    1892 SA Half Pond AU53 Rev.jpg

    1892 Double Shaft Pond MS62

    1892 SA Pond MS62 Obv.jpg

    1892 SA Pond MS62 Rev.jpg

    1892 Single Shaft Pond....low mintage, struck to rectify errors AU53

    1892 SA Pond Single Shaft AU53 Obv.jpg
    1892 SA Pond Single Shaft AU53 Rev.jpg

    1892 6 Pence PF63...…...Mintage of 40-50 pieces only

    1892 S Africa 6 pence PF63 Obv.jpg

    1892 S Africa 6 pence PF63 Rev.jpg

    1892 2 Shillings PF63......mintage of 50-60 pieces only

    1892 S Africa 2 shillings PF63 Obv.jpg

    1892 S Africa 2 shillings PF63 Rev.jpg

    I hope to acquire the remaining coins in the series and complete my set in future.....the Proof versions of the half Pond and Pond will be a challenge :D;)
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    amazing stuff!!!
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    Love these!! I cant believe you have an 1892 Proof!! Well done!! Unfortunately I doubt I'll ever be able to own any mint state Zar coins because of the prices. I love to admire yours though! Awesome coins!!
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