SOLD 1889 S au 58 Morgan. 1881 O ms 64+

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    The Morgan fire sale continues.
    Today, I have a very nice toned (better date), 1889 S au 58 Morgan. And a 1881 O ms 64+ Morgan. I am asking $100 a piece for them, w/ of course free shipping. I will accept a check, or $ order. But preferably a check? If interested, DM me. Thanks and have a wonderful day or night. 1881 O IS SOLD.
    5C1DDEE6-4961-476A-A51F-68AB9E7B853C.jpeg 328ED966-EC44-4545-B694-8DCCF08A64CF.jpeg 677E2C7D-C581-434B-BABA-3CD2870D1CAC.jpeg
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