1889-CC Morgan... should I grade it just to authenticate it??

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by ocjoe949, May 24, 2013.

  1. ocjoe949

    ocjoe949 Active Member

    Ok.... I couldn't help it, I bought an 1889-cc Morgan, not the prettiest coin, but from what I understand a great coin. I don't like to spend huge amounts of money on stuff like this, but given the history I took a chance.

    This thing probably will grade G4 im guessing. I had it looked it and was told that just because of what it is, paying to have it sent to PCGS, even if just for authentication is worth it.

    I'm probably going to flip this thing...and have already been offered a little profit on it. (I paid $350) for it. Some might keep this coin and be happy with it, to me it's another Morgan Dollar I can turn into other coins I might like. I wish I had more of a passion for Morgans but I just dont. Its a beautiful coin (the Morgan in general) and I have all the respect and admiration for what is.

    Either way it's my latest aquisition... and i'm honored to own it either way.

    Thanks for the input. PICT1237.jpg PICT1238.jpg
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  3. Marsden

    Marsden Member

    Not sure why it needs authenticating unless you're sure that will add substantially to its value.
    Surely it's legitimate, right? No reason to think otherwise imho.

    ETA: I'm really impressed with how nice the reverse on a really worn Morgan looks!
  4. ldhair

    ldhair Clean Supporter

    I feel the obverse would cause it to come back in a details holder. To me it's not worth the fees.
  5. swhuck

    swhuck Junior Member

    The main reason to get a coin like this graded is for authentication and liquidity, so if you have the chance to flip it quickly and make a profit without getting it graded, there's no reason to send it in. If you plan to hold onto it and flip it later, then it might be worth sending it in.

    FWIW, I'd grade the coin as a high end AG3 with a high probability of coming back details due to some rim damage at 3:00 on the obverse. I don't see any reason to think that the coin isn't genuine.
  6. vam78

    vam78 Firefighter/Numismatist

    I highly agree. The coin would get a Good Details "Damaged" grade. Keep it raw, it's not worth the added investment of having it certified. It's a nice 89cc nonetheless.

    Here's my 89-CC:

  7. ocjoe949

    ocjoe949 Active Member

    I loved the coin...but now has a new owner.... got $450 for it. About as fair as I can figure. Thanks all for the input, has I kept it the consensus was not to grade it. No doubts on authenticity, I was just thinking when I go to sell it its easier to sell it slabbed for buyer confidence.
  8. ocjoe949

    ocjoe949 Active Member

    If my coin was this nice I think I would have sent it in and kept it.... Thats a pretty coin :)
  9. vam78

    vam78 Firefighter/Numismatist

    Thanks guys! I love my Morgans! :D
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