1884-P Morgan Dollar; Worth Grading?

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Richland Numismatics, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. This coin was passed down through generations and held up pretty well in the process; was curious if it would be worth sending in to PCGS or NGC just to keep it safe? IMO I think it is MS63/64+ but I am new to self grading. Any sort of help is awesome! Sorry if picture quality is low.

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  3. Mainebill

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    No it appears to be cleaned and the color being off and the fields full of hairlines prove this
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  4. thanks for being honest @Mainebill ; i never knew how to determine if a coin has been cleaned but i watched some youtube videos and searched google for tips and examples
  5. FooFighter

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    I tried to view your attachments but it said there was some kind of error viewing them. Could you repost please?
  6. cpm9ball

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    I'm not getting your images. Do you have jpeg files that you can post directly using the "Upload a File"?

    Please! Please! Try to stay away from BoobTube until you gain more knowledge. They are filled with just as much misinformation.

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