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Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Roseland3, Apr 25, 2020.

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    Being quarantined as we are and not being able to get to the bank to pick up boxes of coins, i have dug out the Morgan & Peace Silver Dollars I have and take a real good look at them with my Cherrypickers Guide. I haven't looked at these for some 10 years or more. These were from my Wife's Grandfather's collection she inherited. These were put away just by date and not looked at real closely.

    Looking really close under a 10x glass, I found 35 that have anywhere from a single up to four die breaks per coin. I also have three of the CC Morgans that were sold some 30 years ago. I looked closely at these also. I have a 1884 CC uncirculated Morgan that has six separate die breaks on the Reverse. Quite surprised at these finds while stuck in the house.

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  3. Inspector43

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    I am not an expert, but I find that quite a few Morgan's have die cracks. Most every VAM is based on a different die crack or series of die cracks. Not an expert, JMO.
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    First, you will find more information about Morgan & Peace die varieties on the VAMWorld site. The CPG will not list most. Secondly, die cracks are very common on the old cartwheels, and as such, are rarely ever attributed. ~ Chris
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  6. jgrinz

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    Might be a VAM-6 - Look below the tail feathers and see if you see those marks there
  7. Roseland3

    Roseland3 Active Member

    Thanks for the info on VAMWorld. I have over 275 Morgans and maybe 50 Peace Dollars. Have spent a lot of time on the site. Thanks again.
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