WTS: 1878 MS 63 CC Morgan, 1935 P MS 64 Peace, and 1928 P MS 62 Peace.

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  1. HAB Peace 28 2.0

    HAB Peace 28 2.0 Je ne me soucie plus vraiment.

    Today I have 3 very nice PQ coins. The first is a 1878 CC MS 63 Morgan. I’m asking $375 for this lst year series coin.
    The second, is an 1935 MS 64 Peace. I am asking only $150 for it.
    The third, is a low mintage key date MS 62 1928 Peace Dollar. I am asking $375 for it.
    If interested? DM me. Free shipping included too. I will accept a check or money order. But prefer a check? Have a good day or night. 1878 CC SOLD
    A8AACCB2-6823-4BA8-8870-886FFAA612BA.jpeg AF7668E7-4C3F-4E6D-8B00-DBAB05231CE0.jpeg C0FCFC6B-BC97-4BD7-A387-8F241DF50C3A.jpeg A0EBA603-2840-4A20-AE8C-D3DDEF0362FB.jpeg 78EC544E-0CB3-4D6F-869E-22B2D322210E.jpeg BDB53BC7-AFC2-404A-AD68-4E1666BEB5A6.jpeg
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