1863 Indian Head cent

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by jwevansv, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. jwevansv

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    I just received some coins from my aunt that her uncle owned before he passed away. I just noticed an 1863 Indian Head Cent, I think, the date is rough looking but from all signs the wreath on back is just like the others in that period, except for the small shield on top between the wreaths is missing and in its place is the word NOT, as in NOT ONE CENT! The word NOT looks as if it was added to the coin bc it isnt exactly centered above the ONE. I havent seen an example of this and therefore had to come here again for great clarification. I will try to scan the coin later today and some of the other nice coins I got my hands on.
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  3. Mikjo0

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  4. jwevansv

    jwevansv Senior Member

    Thanks. No wonder I can't find it under coins!
  5. Just Carl

    Just Carl Numismatist

    So what were the other coins?
  6. jwevansv

    jwevansv Senior Member

    Ha, you had to ask! Well, I posted another thread about a gold plated 1883 V Nickel that I recieved. Let me rack my brain now thinking of the others. I cant get my scanner to work right now or I would scan them. Here is the list.

    2 -1893 Columbus Exposition Commems
    3 -Large Cents 1825, 1846 and 1853
    1 -1873 Seated Liberty with Motto and arrows at date
    3 -2 Cents 1864 and 2 1865's
    1 -1863 Army & Navy Token
    2- Liberty Seated Half Dimes 1839 No Drapes and 1857 With Drapes
    1- 1909 Liberty Head Barber
    1- 3 Cent Piece (Nickel) 1865
    3- Flying Eagle Cents 2- 1858's and 1 - 1857
    33- Indian Head Cents 1- 1859 Variety I, 1- 1859, 1- 1862, 3- 1863's, 1- 1864, 1- 1868, 1-1888, 1- 1889, 2- 1891's, 1- 1892, 1- 1893, 1- 1895, 1- 1899, 1-1900, 1- 1901, 1- 1902, 3- 1903's,1- 1904, 3-1905's, 2- 1906's, 2- 1907's and 3- 1908's.

    Various other old foreign coins that I havent looked through yet.
  7. cwtokenman

    cwtokenman Coin Hoarder

    If you post pics of the 1863 Indian Head "Not One Cent" and the "Army & Navy" one (also a Civil War Patriotic token), I will be glad to id them for you and tell a little about them. Pics would be most helpful as there are nearly 100 different Indian Head dies, 36 "Not One Cent" dies, and 36 Army/Navy dies. There are plenty of die combinations, not to mention metal possibilities. The Army/Navy dies were also paired with non-Indian Head dies.
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