1862 Half Penny - DDO? I over P?

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Bmmartin, Mar 14, 2019 at 9:25 PM.

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    So, for starters, I was going to send this in because I thought it would be at least an XF (I have an 1861 XF45 and it looks similar?). But then there’s the obverse rim damage, so details grade (I think?).

    But I needed some input on some other things to see if it’s still worth slabbing...

    (1) I didn’t find any A, B, C, or LCW. So... here’s where it gets fun?

    (2) Obverse F. Looked shelf-like, so thought MD. Zoomed in and the E had a serif and then noticed the lower left looked like a true doubling. ** pics to follow **

    (3) Went around... First R “Victoria” and second G “REG” seemed doubled. So, DDO?

    (4) Reverse F in “Half” stuck out. The P and second N in “Penny” looked off. Magnified down on F and it looked like it was a big F over a small F... I check these because of the 1861 HALP. F/F? DDR? MD?

    (5) the N. Please explain?

    (6) the P... most pictures because it threw me off. It looks like an I over P...

    Sorry this is another long post. I’m new, so trying to get advice. Most of the photos are straight on shots, but a few are angled to show a better view? I don’t know... thoughts?

    C4926260-E45C-4758-BD55-C32227E603AE.jpeg 36A8AFAC-FA6A-4E87-B528-3A36741D70A1.jpeg
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    Reverse Photos (F and N)

    F443AC68-D398-4D57-ACD7-AC8AAB184DB7.jpeg 1206EE34-9234-4FCF-86C8-32979DBECC87.jpeg CEF9783D-96C7-42FF-AEB6-E99D3C4C1EC3.jpeg C5274807-6311-40F9-8E08-831D3EF25185.jpeg
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    Please let me know if I need better pictures also! Thank you!!!
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